Roland Vp 540 137cm. width (Large format printer-cutter)

StarJet 180cm. width (Large format printer)

StarJet 320cm. width (Large format printer)

Heindelberg 50x70cm. (Offset)

Heindelberg 33x46cm. (Offset)

Develop 33x48cm. (Digital offset printer)


Hot Laminator 160cm. width

Cold Laminator 140cm. width

GmP Laminator 50x70cm.

Folding machine

Stapling machine


GDQ 1325s 130x250cm. working dimensions





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We specialize in large format printing on every material (Wallpaper, Paper, Canvas, Pvc banner, One-way vision, Stretch fabric etc.), printing over 3 meters. We also cut and engrave WoodKapa, Re-Board, PVC board, AluDibond.

We also produce offset brochures, posters, flyers, folders, envelopes, etc. Our large format prints guarantee at least 3 years color life

We are at your disposal for all your printable needs.

Contact info

Address: 1A Omirou str. & 12 Ilektras str., Agios Dimitrios, Athens 17236, Greece

Telephone: +30 213 352130

Mobile: +30 6938657681

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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